Game Engines

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Striker Superstars was built with the powerful game engine Unity 3D. The game was initially developed with Unity version 3. Coli Games upgraded the game to the latest version of the engine: Unity 5 in 2015 and Unity 2018 in 2018. Thanks to the power of Unity, we are able to deliver realistic physics and beautiful graphics while maintaining optimum performance; enabling the game to run in web-browsers even on low-end computers.

Football Superstars was initially published by Cybersports in 2008. Football Superstars is using its own proprietary engine created by Monumental Games.


Football Superstars: Windows PC
Striker Superstars: Windows PC and MAC (works with all web browsers that support Unity webplayer plugin). Standalone version will be released for the PC in 2019.

Future Platforms

Coli Games will release a Windows standalone version of Striker Superstars game in 2019 to increase accessibility of the game, add brand new features and reach a wider audience. A mobile version of the game is also in plans for a release in 2020.


Network and Servers

We have our game servers located at Level 3/CenturyLink Data Center in London. Level 3 / Century Link European Data Centers are directly connected to Level 3’s award-winning, global fiber network and deep metro network footprint, benefit from low latency and high availability data.

Dynamic In-game Advertising

Advertising in Striker Superstars

If you are looking to advertise in an online football game and reach new users around the world, we can help you. Please contact us for advertising opportunities.