Coli Games is a UK based publisher of online games.

Our Titles:

We currently develop and publish two online football games: Striker Superstars and Football Superstars.

The browser based football game Striker Superstars is powered by the next generation game engine: Unity 5. Striker Superstars is based on our other football title Football Superstars which has been online since late 2008. Both games are available for free of charge.

Striker Superstars: When it was a dream to play full 3D games in web browsers, Unity created the webplayer plugin to allow publishers to release their games to web browsers. Striker Superstars was published in 2012 and the game has become the most popular browser based football game since then. Striker Superstars has been published on multiple game portals worldwide. In the game, players can create a virtual character with customizable appearance. There are literally hundreds of special football items in the game which gives the player the chance to create a unique character. Just like Football Superstars, the game features online competitions where players around the world group up with their friends to take on competitive opponents. The new version of the game also features a dynamic weather system and a night-day cycle delivering a rich football gaming experience with dynamic conditions.

Striker Superstars 2016

Football Superstars: The first and only football MMO game that features a virtual world where players can create their virtual footballers, take them from a local league newbie with no skills to an international superstar equipped with unique skills such as the Marseille roulette or drag-back turn and join forces with their friends in the game's trademark feature Player Managed Club competitions (a.k.a. the PMC feature). The competition in FS is always high in Football Superstars World with official and player-managed online leagues and tournaments where the best clubs of the game face each other in 5,7 and 11 a-side matches.

Football Superstars

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